So, Why this?

Being a software engineer working in a prestigious IT firm with a decent salary in hand, why this?
It’s because I have dared to.
It’s because my job doesn’t give me the joy I want and have been looking for.
It’s because life isn’t going anywhere except for waiting for weekends to come.
Mondays are dreadful and so is every day.
So, there are people who are happy with what they are doing and trust me that’s important.
Job is something that you are doing for your entire life, so its gotta have something that would please you, satisfy you.
I have been working for 4 years and trust me when I say that in the first few days I realised nope it’s not for me.
I panic now and then about how to cope up with my mind, how to concentrate on what I am doing.
I was trying to teach myself to be happy with whatever I was doing.
NO! it doesn’t work that way.
Happiness and satisfaction can never be taught or learnt, it has to come from within you so that when you go to bed after productive work, you could sleep at peace.
That tired brain of yours, you will love it.
I was in the same circle, going round and round.
I knew I didn’t want what I was doing but coming from a lower-middle-class family it is something you shouldn’t even talk about loudly. Hence I am writing :P.
I knew I want to do something in parallel so that I can completely shift myself from one zone to another.
If not an entire day maybe an hour would do great.
Hence, I am here.
Being an average student, I love studying but I lack patience and compassion.
This, God, knows how many times I have started but I constantly gave myself excuses to postpone.
I wanted to shift my interests, learn new things, experiment but didn’t know where to start from.
So here I am, creating a blog for me, knowing the fact that no one is gonna read this 😛
But I am gonna stick around and will pretend this is an escape!!

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