Be Thankful!!

So the other day I was sitting with a cup of chai(a big-time chai lover), and as the sun was setting I just closed my laptop, got up from my seat and went out to watch the sun setting and enjoy my cup of chai.

Then and there, at that very moment, I realised how much I am thankful for everything that I have.

I am at a very good place in my life and I have never thought about why I should be thankful for everything that I have.

Why is it important to be thankful?

There are a couple of reasons why you should take out time, sit down (or stand in front of a mirror) and show gratitude.

1-Gratitude and thankfulness improve your mental health to a very large extent. It gives you a feeling of relaxation.

2-Being thankful brings happiness and joy in life. It gives relief and makes your heart and mind happy.

3-Thankfulness brings pride and self-confidence. Once you start being thankful you will realize you are more confident. You will eventually learn to be proud of yourself which is important in today’s world.

4-Being thankful can also make you strong and ready for any difficulties in life. You will always be strong-minded to tackle them.

How to be thankful?

1-Keep a gratitude diary! Always write good things about yourself so that when you go back to it and read it will instantly boost you up.

2-Say good things about yourself. Say you are worthy. Say you are enough and this world doesn’t affect you.

3-Thank the big man. Thank the positivity that is around you which boosts you up to do better. GOD is the creator of everything. Anything that happens, happens as per his plan and is always for the better.

4-Never hesitate in thanking anybody who has played even a tiny bit in making your life better. It’s really important to draw positivity from others.

5-Thank your partner. A thankful hug will never do any harm right? It will amp up both of yours mood for that day and you both will rock.

Things I am thankful for?

I am thankful for a couple of things in my life, considering the pandemic that we are in, I have seen my closed ones getting affected by Covid19.

I have seen people getting infected. Thankfully I and my family were safe.

I have seen people losing their jobs due to this pandemic. Every day I open LinkedIn and I read a couple of posts of people who were laid off and are in desperate need of jobs. I just hope God has planned something big for them. Amen!

I am also thankful that I am getting married to the person whom I wanted to marry with all the love of our family.

I am thankful for my pet-Simba, who has become the lifeline of our small family. He is a great source of happiness in our lives.

Lastly, I am thankful to God for making it all happen.


Start being thankful and show gratitude.

Trust me your life will change!

Comment your thoughts about it!



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