Women and the world!!

So today was International Women’s Day!!

And we could see a number of brands giving us discounts on multiple things in order to make we women feel good!!

I want to ask those brand/businesses, why do you think a day was dedicated as women’s day??? What was the need? We women around the world, we’re struggling and hustling daily and you thought we needed discounts to feel good…isnt it?


We women don’t want you to give us discounts and treats… we are way above than that!

Instead if Women mean anything to you at all, or you literally want us to feel special then work towards those things which actually women want globally.

We women want-

1-Equal Opportunities

2-Safety On streets

3-End toxic masculinity

4-Women taking decisions on the table for women and not men.

5-Equal Pay



8-To smash the patriarchy

9-End Toxic beauty standards

10-To end slut shaming

11-Gender equality


13-No more listening ‘after marriage’ if you wanna do something.

14-Taxfree sanitary pads

15-Better Policies

And the list goes on.

Now, lets talk about how many of the above points are worked upon or are irrelevant!

NONE!! And every single of the above mentioned points are what every women want globally.

It is not country specific.

If we start talking about country specific needs then it will take months to read that.

So again!! How many brands are actually doing something about it??

I won’t say none but a very few.

We women want to be as normal as men.

We want a normal life where we are not judged by colony aunties!

We want everyone to look at daughters and son equally.

I am a lucky girl to some extent but some of the above points are valid for me too.

People think that if a women is working then she has it all. She has everything. She was never denied anything.

No girl!! It’s not like that. We working women have another set of burden and reponsibilities .

We have to manage everything, starting from studying and landing a job. Then being judged at workplace. Then have babies and literally destroying our bodies. A majority of women fall into postpartum depression which no one talks about!

We have to manage office, work, deadlines, baby, then once they start growing, their school and what not.

I have another level of respect for those women who along with doing all this, dream about being a boss and accomplish it!

Someday, I hope for the same!! Amen!!

What do you guys think??

Let me know in comments!



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