Why Bollywood is an epitome of hypocrisy??

Hypocrisy-A practice of engaging in the same behaviour or activity for which one criticizes others!

Bollywood-the world’s largest film industry by the number of feature films produced.

India’s current population-136.6 crore(1.36 billion)

Now, you must be wondering why am I telling you all this info.

Correct! your question is valid.

I am writing this article to draw a relation between all the above-mentioned info.

You see, India is a country with 136.6 crore people out of which 1.3 billion is the population of the youth (below 25 years). That is a lot of people.

Note- You can check out the live population here –

I can even begin to imagine the amount of people cinema influences daily.

Bollywood should set standards, it should influence people.

It should not be a double-faced industry that comes out as an angel in daylight and like a demon in dark.

Every statement which comes out of this industry is a LIE.

Here big banners talk about the industry is open to any and everyone . Really Though?? People getting rejecting by being told ‘you do not have an actor’s face’, I mean really ?? What is an ‘actor’s’ face? Do we have some specifics?

Here people talk about every colour matters. Ooooh! The dark colour is so sexy! Really though? Then why do you tell young girls they are too dark for the role??

Alright! I get that argument. It might be true as per the role.

But why do A-lister actors cant embrace their original colour?

Why they opt for treatments to lighten their skin tone?

If this industry is so responsible which believes all colour beautiful and our actors are youth icon of 2021, I mean today’s era, then why their skin colour bothers them?

Everyone is beautiful! All skin colours are beautiful! We should embrace ourselves!! Really? then why can’t you?

The hypocrisy here at it best!

The reality is, it does affect you! It affects you when you see a fairer person. You feel insecure. That is an awful thing but yes it does affect you.

I am not calling you out because you feel that way. I am calling you out because you portray to be someone else when you are not that person at all and you know millions of young girls could have related to you when you had your original skin. They would have felt that their colour is beautiful. They may have thought that if a girl with dusky skin can be an actor then they could also do wonders.


But think of that day when you came out in public with all your skin brighten up. Oh no! now you are not the same girl!! How?? Those young girls would have felt devastated that day!

Here is a list I found on the web of some incredibly popular people-

Another thing that bothers me is WEIGHT!

Haha! extremely sensitive topic! We happen to know a couple of people from the industry who were once chubby/curvy person and yet they decided to lose all the weight to enter the industry.

Do we have a plus-size actor in the industry? No!

Do we want to have one? No!

If there can be a plus-size model(which I appreciate), plus size influencers who are making it big, Plus size doctors, engineers, Lawyers etc, why can’t we have a plus-size actor?


It’s because you feel plus-size people are not pretty and beautiful.

I know people will come after me saying Haven’t you watched ‘Dum Laga Ke Haisha’?? I did! Loved it! But what about after that?? As I mentioned above Bollywood is the largest film making industry right??

Where is the pattern? Where is the consistency?? Why can’t we have a plus size girl do ‘Saki Saki‘?? Because yes she isn’t pretty?? Bruh!!! Nobody wanna see a fat chick dancing !!

Wanna read what MASABA GUPTA thinks? Read here-

From Sonam Kapoor to Sonakshi Sinha to Alia Bhatt to Sameera Reddy to Ileana D’cruz, we have seen several conversations where people have spoken about body positivity.

They have asked young girls to love themselves for what they are. They have asked young girls to embrace themselves. That they are beautiful the way they are. They should never settle or never pay heed to what other say.

Then I have only one question?? Why would you settle ?? Why couldn’t you embrace yourself? Why did you lose weight and become skinny to enter Bollywood??

Is it because whatever you say, it’s a scam?? Oh yes!! It is!

Now please do not come to me saying that because they wanted to be healthy !! Does this health thing only come when you have to debut ?? Nope ! not buying!!

Though I appreciate some of them for being frank and putting it all out there but guess what, they do not get many offers to work.

Growing up I really was fascinated by the beauty these women had. I used to feel these girls are meant to be actors. God, they were so beautiful!

I was so naive, I did not know about surgeries and contour then 😀

I used to think everything I saw was god gifted, I was such a fool.

My message to all the young people out there-Bollywood is just an industry you can look up to when you want to be entertained. Apart from that, there is nothing there to draw inspiration from.

Everyone, there is living multiple lives. Everyone is trying to con one another.

Let’s be realistic and I am glad kids of today’s era are not fools like us 90s kids.

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